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There are multiple resources to support professional development of the child care workforce. The following resources will give you some idea of the opportunities available to you as you seek to increase your education.

NC Institute for Child Development Professionals

The NC Institute for Child Development Professionals is an advisory committee to the Division of Child Development. It is the intent of the Institute to increase the quality of child care in North Carolina through the system of enhanced education and compensation for the people who work with North Carolina's young children. Two popular and helpful components of the Institute's web site are the interactive Professional Development Plans of Action for teachers and for administrators:

North Carolina Community College System

All 58 schools in the North Carolina Community College System offer child care related coursework leading to an Associates Degree (AAS) in Early Childhood Education (ECE). Some colleges also offer a Certificate and/or Diploma in ECE before the AAS. Click here to find a community college contact near you

Financial Resources

There are a variety of resources offering financial assistance for early childhood professional development. Among them are:

  • T.E.A.C.H. (Teacher Education And Compensation Helps) Early Childhood® Project offers scholarships, health insurance and salary supplements to child care workers
  • Local Smart Start partnerships may provide scholarships, wage supplements, or other financial incentives for increased education or training

NC.GOV NC Race to The Top Early Learning Challenge

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