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I want to have my qualifications reviewed to work in child care. How do I start this process?

Guidelines to Education Evaluations for Child Care Providers will walk you through the application process and the documents you should submit to the Workforce Education Unit.

What are the education requirements to work in child care in North Carolina?

Requirements vary for different child care positions.† Specific requirements can be found on the application forms and on the instructions for completing those forms.† Applications are also called Education and Equivalency forms. If you want to work as a Lead Teacher, Teacher, Family Child Care Home Provider, or School-Age Program Coordinator or Group Leader, look at the Education and Equivalency Form for Child Care Providers.† If you want to work as an administrator in child care or school-age child care, look at the Education and Equivalency Form for Child Care Administrators.

What courses and degrees are accepted by the Division as early childhood/child development coursework and as school-age coursework?

Child Care Workforce Education Evaluation: Criteria and Policy explains how transcripts and courses are reviewed to assess the educational qualifications of individuals working in child care in North Carolina.

What are the options to meet the minimum requirement for high school completion?

Guidelines to High School Diplomas and Equivalents explains a variety of ways that this requirement can be met.

What are the equivalencies to the North Carolina Early Childhood Credential?

Lead Teacher Equivalency Options answers this question.

If I earn the NC Early Childhood Credential, am I automatically qualified to be a child care lead teacher?

If you applied for and were awarded the NC Early Childhood Credential after June 2009 using the new combined NC Credential Application form then you will be evaluated and qualified as a lead teacher. Prior to July 2009 a separate Education and Equivalency application for lead teacher or another child care provider position was required in order to receive the lead teacher qualifying letter.

How do I find out if a college has nationally recognized regional accreditation?

In the United States, there are six (6) nationally recognized regional associations that accredit colleges in specific geographic regions. Regional accreditation is a list that will†tell you which states are served by each accrediting body. It also provides a link to each association so you can check to see if a specific school has been accredited by them.

I took Early Childhood coursework over 10 years ago but I didn't receive a degree. Will the coursework be approved?

Coursework that was completed without earning a Certificate, Diploma, Associates degree or Bachelors degree will only be accepted within ten years of taking the course(s). If you are currently re-enrolled in a degree program at an accredited institution of higher education and that older coursework has been accepted toward your degree, it will also be accepted toward your qualification to work in child care.

I would like to take Early Childhood courses but am unable to attend classes during the day and/or I donít live near a community college. What other options do I have?

Many of the NC community colleges offer Early Childhood (EDU) courses and some offer full Early Childhood Education degree programs online. Search this website to find out whatís available. For more resources, visit the website of the NC Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development.

Once I complete community college courses, will the college send my transcript to the Division?

No, the community college will only submit your official transcript after you make a request to the registrarís office.

May I submit a copy of my transcript to the Division or does it need to be official?

All transcripts submitted must be official. We do not evaluate from photocopies of transcripts, student or internet copies, grade reports, or copies of certificates, diplomas, or degrees. See Child Care Workforce Education Evaluation: Criteria and Policy for more information about submitting transcripts.

If I have an out-of-state credential, can it be used as the North Carolina Early Childhood Credential?

A credential that meets Option 2 of the Lead Teacher Equivalency Options will be accepted to meet minimum lead teacher qualifications. The NC Early Childhood Credential can only be earned through NC Community College System coursework.

How will I learn the results of the Divisionís evaluation of my education and qualifications?

Currently, a qualifying letter is sent when you are found to be qualified as a Lead Teacher or a Child Care or School-Age Administrator (Level I, II or III). All other positions do not currently* receive a letter of qualification. If you have applied for a position for which you are not qualified, and have not indicated that you are enrolled in coursework or planning to complete requirements, you will receive a return letter indicating what is missing. *A new notification system is being developed to give you a full report of your qualifications each time you submit documentation that confirms additional education and/or position qualification.

Iíve applied and been qualified in my current position. If I change my place of employment or move into a different position, do I need to submit another application?

No. You should submit most changes using the Workforce Change of Information Form.

Will I receive an Administration Certificate once I complete courses EDU 261 and EDU 262?

No. Completing these two courses alone will not earn a North Carolina Early Childhood Administration Credential certificate. You must also have completed seven semester credit hours in Early Childhood/Child Development coursework and six portfolio assignments to receive a Level I Certificate. See the information for administrators at North Carolina Early Childhood and Administration Credentials.

I have experience in child care administration. How can I find out if it is enough to waive the portfolio requirement for child care administrators?

You will need to submit written documentation of your experience for review. Include the dates of employment (month and year) at each facility where you performed administrative duties. Give each facilityís name, NC license ID number, or contact information if out-of-state. Give the title of your position at each facility; if not director, list the administrative duties you performed.

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